Friday, July 9, 2010

A Cool Color Returns

Pantone has announced that turquoise—specifically Pantone 15-5519 Turquoise—is the Color of the Year for 2010. Pantone’s color selections are highly influential in what colors appear in your local store as clothing, accessories, housewares, even paint.

We suspect that 1963-era show “Mad Men” has brought back turquoise just as it has the pencil skirt and more fitted suits. Aquamarine and turquoise were prevalent colors in the early 60s, seen in everything from Cadillacs to washing machines. And we will be delighted to see the turquoise replace that tiresome apple/pea/poison green trend in stores.

Twilight Tour of the Big Cats

We attended the Twilight Tour fundraiser at the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound (self-referred to as "the Cat House") in Rosamond, out near Edwards AFB.

The fundraiser was held in the early evening so visitors could see the big cats when they are the most active. Treats were presented to the cats by staffers, ranging from goldfish (for the fisher cats) to telephone books and cardboard boxes for the large cats. The large cats love to pounce on both as if they were prey, and the telephone books were also good for ripping to shreds with teeth. One leopard, momentarily flummoxed by movement from his cardboard box, retaliated by simply sitting on it.

All of the cats were on display, including snow leopards, a cougar, jaguars, and bobcats. Caesar the tiger was a big draw, and he put on a brief show before retiring into a shady corner. A bigger tiger enclosure is being constructed, which will include a holding den and pools. The budget total is set at $125,000, with about $78,000 having already been raised and utilized. Donations for the remainder of the project are welcome.